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TAKE ACTION | Stop the Trump Tax Scam

Oppose Trump's tax-cuts for the rich. Harrisburg residents protest at Senator Toomey's Pennsylvania office.

Oppose Trump’s Tax-cuts for the Rich

Despite promises to drain the swamp and protect the common-man, Trump’s new Tax Plan would instead be a hand-out for the super-wealthy, like his family. In Pennsylvania, the top 1 percent of taxpayers would receive a substantial tax cut worth $67,970 while many upper middle class Pennsylvanians would face a tax increase.

  • Indivisible has pulled together a guide to resist here.

  • Call your legislators and tell them you oppose any tax plan that lowers taxes on the wealthiest 1%, while raising them for the middle class. 5 Calls has details, call scripts, and contact info.

  • Read more about the impact of the proposed Tax Plan on Pennsylvanians here.

While you are calling, tell your legislator to also oppose any budget resolution that makes cuts to Medicaid, Medicare, or SNAP, and doesn’t offset tax cuts with new revenue or closing loopholes. Info and scripts.

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