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Writing to elected officials is an effective way to communicate constituent concerns and hold them accountable.

> Easily find and write to your elected officials

Letter-writing tool: contacting elected officials made easy

Interactive directory: Find your reps' social media, phone numbers, offices and website

> Take action now with the digital toolkit

Start here to learn the basics of activism in Central PA. You can be of any age and don’t need any special skills to participate.

> Learn more about civic engagement in PA

  • Join trainings and town halls

  • Visit your rep's office

  • Rally for causes and candidates

> View local events map

> Facebook events page

Local groups develop campaigns to shape policy and win elections. They'll help you develop and practice skills for advocacy.

> Connect with Progressives

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Refugees in Central PA need help now. Your most effective contribution is being a family friend and local mentor.

> Connect with a refugee family in your community

Meet Refugees

Petitions amplify the message of important causes and specific legislation. Not only do they keep politicians on their toes, they also educate and inform the public.

> Sign Pennsylvania petitions here

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