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Our community of local, concerned citizens agrees that the Trump Administration is a disaster for America. While it’s tempting to spend our time mocking 45 on Facebook and Twitter, we must wisely use these tools as resources for proactive civic engagement. Now is the time to organize, act and reshape the political landscape.


The Action Agenda is a hub for Central Pennsylvania activists, organizations and event listings that serves to facilitate coordination among the diverse, yet often diffuse progressive community throughout Cumberland, Dauphin, Lancaster and York counties in Pennsylvania. Our goal is to provide all relevant, accurate information in one easily-accessible location. We fight for social justice, economic equality, political representation and environmental sustainability by supporting a grassroots infrastructure to achieve electoral and legislative victories

As a developing project, we will continue to expand the Action Agenda by adding new features, organizations and tools. Your constructive feedback and participation are essential for this service to be useful, user-friendly and effective. Please feel free to share any thoughts and recommendations by contacting us.

We also help connect volunteers with training opportunities, action campaigns and service projects. Please contact us below about getting involved and let us know about your organization and events.

PHOTOGRAPHY: All photographs have been taken by Michael Fisher or David Wenger, unless otherwise stated. See terms and conditions for usage rights information.


Alden Wenger


Alden exemplifies the axiom, "be the change you wish to see in the world." His approach to advocacy is listening and engaging based on the values of his audience. He effectively builds bridges by focusing on shared interests and common goals. He's been an active citizen since childhood, concentrating on  the environment, refugee support and cultural diversity.

Michael Fisher

Co-founder, Field Organizer and teacher

Michael organized in the 10th Congressional district with NextGen America during the 2016/18 election cycles. He spent the previous six years abroad, focusing on international education and advocacy in Syria, Saudi Arabia, Spain and Germany. He was previously elected to the Dauphin County Democratic Committee, and organized his first campaign in 2004 with MoveOn PAC.

Laila Martin Garcia

Digital Strategy

Laila is Co-founder of the Civil Forum for Asset Recovery, a non-profit, anti-corruption organization based in Berlin, Germany. She has extensive experience building advocacy networks locally and internationally, both on the ground and online. Her work has spanned the globe, from Tunisia to Geneva, and Saudi Arabia to Pennsylvania. Laila is currently a project manager and social media strategist.

David Wenger

Co-founder and teacher

The events of March 28, 1979--and the lies of the energy industry following TMI's accident--sparked David's environmental advocacy. Previously a co-founder of a website dedicated to "choosing peace," David was a precinct leader in the 2004 MoveOn campaign. In today's political climate, he's building a head of steam with other grandparents who "can't believe we still have to protest this shit!"



You can help us build a coalition of progressive groups across Central PA by volunteering. Develop leadership skills and act for social change in ways that match your skills and interests.

Thousands of Others

Students, Trash Collectors, Doctors, Contractors, Friends

Communities of all sizes are rising up across America to advocate for policies, candidates and campaigns that benefit the people. Leaders from a diversity of backgrounds, expertise and experience are critical to securing a future that is acceptable for all of us.


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