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Healthcare Town Hall (without invited Senators and Representatives): Toomey trying to crush Medicaid

A Healthcare Town Hall sponsor by Rising 4th and Tuesdays with Toomey draws interested citizens, but not surprisingly, no invited Members of Congress. Panelists at Midtown Scholar Book Store in Harrisburg, presented a dire picture of the devastation many families throughout the Commonwealth will face if Medicaid cuts proposed by Senator Toomey make their way through the Senate version of the so-called American Health Care Act (AHCA). It became clear how many families may not even know a family member is benefiting from a Medicaid programs, yet stand to lose big if Toomey gets his way. The importance of talking with the thousands of local families who will be adversely affected should these proposal may their way into law was stressed, as was the urgency of continuing to write, call, and otherwise keep the pressure on Senator Toomey and others in Congress!

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