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FBI Inquiry into Allegations Against Kavanaugh Shouldn't Even Have to Matter!

There is much buzz about the questionable FBI investigation into the allegations of sexual assault made by Dr. Christine Ford against Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh. Although determining the truth of that matter, and allowing some kind of closure for Dr. Ford (and millions of women who have been sexually assaulted) is very important, it actually should have little bearing on whether or not the Senate should confirm Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Ten minutes into his initial statement last Thursday (September 27, 2018), before the Judicial Committee, anyone who cares about the Supreme Court as a non-partisan interpreter of our Constitution, had all the information that should be needed to make an informed decision to REJECT THIS NOMINEE!

Never mind that he appears to have a habit of being rather fast and loose with the truth, including multiple past episodes of probable perjury before Congress, or the resurfacing of other age-old accusations of sexual impropriety and youthful drinking binges. Let’s even pretend that it doesn’t matter that he has extreme views on executive power, and was questionably nominated by a President implicated in Federal crimes, who stands to gain should his nominee make it to the Supreme Court. We could also put aside that Mr. Kavanaugh and others have hidden from the public, or even the Senate Judiciary Committee's view, hundreds of thousand of documents that would be almost sure to highlight his lack of even-handedness and strong identification as an extreme party operative.

It was clear as can be during his initial statement in Thursday’s hearing, that Brett Kavanaugh does not have an appropriate judicial temperament, despite his lofty current position. He snarled, and cried, and yelled at senior senators, made conspiratorial remarks, the likes of which have no place anywhere near the Supreme Court. His partisan taunts all but openly threatened a desire for partisan retribution against Democrats and progressive concerns that may come before the Supreme Court should he be elevated to that lofty bench! Despite the supportive pats on the back (and similarly inappropriate rants from some Republican Senators), it should be crystal clear that anyone else who performed in such a volatile, disrespectful manner (to Senators, and the Country as a whole) during an interview for even the most menial job, would be shown the door post haste and told never to return!

Yet, here we are, in the midst of an FBI investigation and high drama in the the highest perches of American political power. If there is a single senator--Democrat or Republican--who is willing to overlook all of these issues for the sake of a partisan plant on the top court, it is shameful! Any persons who took an Oath of Office to join the Senate, and would sabotage the highest values of America’s arbiter of justice by voting for this flawed nominee should themselves resign, and make room for someone who cares more about this Country than their Political Party!

Don't stop calling Senators--Especially Flake, Collins, and Murkowski.

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