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Download The Vote with Me App to Easily Text Your Friends to GOTV

A friendly reminder from a friend to vote is reportedly twenty times more effective than a random text from an organization. If you keep an orderly list of contacts in your phone (complete names & addresses help), "Vote with Me," a free, well regarded app (see link below) can help you text a friendly reminder to like-minded people you care about to get out and vote! It uses publicly available voter registration information (e.g., party and voting record—not who they voted for!), to help you determine if they may be a “soft” voter, one who doesn’t always get out for midterm elections. The app identifies important races in their district--even if out of State--as well as what the projections look like for those candidates. It was sponsored in part by NextGen America, and was created by reliable folks, is easy to use...and it's free! Download it and see if it can be helpful to you. https://votewithme.us/?pid=ngpa&c=midterms

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