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PHOTOS | Here's the Buzz, Senator Toomey: Time to Vote NO on BCRA -- Start working for your cons

Playing off the recent New York Times article that sought to "humanize" Senator Toomey as a keeper of bees, the Harrisburg Tuesdays with Toomey group rallied today to protect healthcare for the millions at risk. Despite the recent spin, citizen advocates are not fooled about Toomey's immoral effort to pay back Big Money through a huge tax cut on the backs of millions who stand to lose their healthcare if the GOP Wealth Care Bill is passed. Anyone who cares about the wellbeing of children, the poor, elderly, and sick is urged to continue to call Senator Toomey's office, as well as those GOP Senators who have shown some hesitance to sell their constituents out wholesale (such as Senators Collins, Murkowski, Heller, Capito, Flake, Portman, and Cassidy) and urge them to Vote NO on this monstrosity. While most eyes have been on the Federal Government, Pennsylvania GOP Legislators are taking advantage to undertake a stealth attack on Medicaid within our State. As efforts are being made to finalize the Pennsylvania Budget, Republican Legislators are pushing a Welfare Code Bill, changing definitions and making alterations to Medicaid eligibility. Please make urgent calls to your State Senator and Representative urning them to Vote NO on the Welfare Code Bill, HB59 ( More photos below:

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