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With Trump Tax Scam Tour Coming to Harrisburg, Toomey Told to Make America Safe Again and "Not

In the wake of the horrific gun violence in Las Vegas recently, Harrisburg Tuesdays with Toomey let it be known that we want America to be safe again! Some kind of real, sensible gun control is decades overdue! Tell your MoC to support HB 1400 for State Background Checks!

Trump is planning another "avoid real Americans" invitation only rally to tout his tax scam to bolster corporate America and the one percent. Hoping to minimize contact with actual Americans, the Trump contingent remains vague about exact times and location of his arrival...nevertheless, there will be those ready to greet him tomorrow (Wednesday, Oct. 11th). Please consider joining them.

Earlier this Wednesday, a rally will be held at the PA State Capitol Building at 11:30 a.m. to unravel the lies built into this potentially disastrous tax scam. Please join these activities if you can -- Click here for the event details.

In the meantime, educate yourself about the latest GOP effort to enrich the richest:

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