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PHOTOS | The Trump Tax Scam is a Horror! Tell Congress to Deep-Six it.

Harrisburg Tuesdays with Toomey gathered outside Sen. Toomey's office in the Federal Building to haunt him, as a supporter of the GOP Halloween Horror Tax Scam. Creativity abounded in the signs and costumes of those present, but the over-riding message was that this tax scam is a give-a-way to corporations and the wealthiest Americans at the expense of the rest of us...and it must be stopped!

All are urged to contact their Members of Congress and let them know that we are not falling for the smoke and mirrors that Toomey, Trump, and others are using to try to disguise this proposal as something beneficial for the middle class...or for that matter...for anyone other than corporations and the rich. Projections used to make their scam look like a boon, are spurious and are based on tried and true FAILED economic ideas! Be sure to talk with others about this scam and let them know it is not in their--nor America's-- interests. See for more information. Trillions of dollars out Medicaid and Medicare to give the well-off a tax break may be a treat for them, but it is a bad trick on the rest of us. Let's bury this horror, and put this nightmare behind us!

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