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PA Ballot Referendum - Avoid Another Tax Scam and Vote NO!

At the same time that Republicans in Congress are trying to ram through a corporation-friendly tax giveaway to the super rich, regressive Legislators in PA are licking their chops at the chance to run another tax scam at you at the State level. On Nov. 7th, there will be a craftily worded referendum question on ballots throughout Pennsylvania to amend the Pennsylvania Constitution, clearing the way for legislators to eliminate property taxes for property owners.

Sounds great, right? Not so fast! Consider that this could make for smooth sailing for regressive legislation such as PA SB76, the so-called "Property Tax Independence Act," through which, for example..."the $2.7 billion in property tax paid by businesses across Pennsylvania would shift to individuals in the form of higher personal income and sales taxes. That means Wal-Mart gets a free ride at your expense." (

Are you a renter? Your landlord's property taxes are built into the rent you pay your landlord every month--take away the property tax--do you think you'll see a decrease in your rent? We didn't think so! You'll just pay more in sale tax every time you buy something at the store.

Who will make out better from this, a renter or modest home-owner--or the landlord, and the owner of that $500K house on the hill? Sound familiar--variations on a Tax Scam theme!

'Care about schools? This would make it increasingly difficult for school districts, already under attack at the Federal level, to raise adequate revenue.

We encourage you to Vote NO on this referendum. Not convinced? Here are so more resources for you to check out:


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