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Urgent Action Alert | GOP Tax Scam must be stopped in its tracks! It is a Travesty!

Phone numbers and links to email contact pages for all Senators are available here: Please use them! The importance of stopping this horrific tax scam cannot be over stated! It is critical that we call and/or write to Republican Senators in addition to Sen. Toomey, even though we are not their matters! A few of the highest priority Senators to contact include Senators Collin, McCain, Flake, Corker, Murkowski, Johnson, Daines, and Lankford. not put this off. There is so much at stake...consider picking several reasons for not to voting for the Tax Scam from the list below, and send a "new message" to them every day. It's like "mix and match"...there are so many to chose from! Whether by phone (easy at night...just leave a message), or via email on their "" contact page--just make sure you do it. Cut and paste if you'd like. Contact Republican Senators daily using the many reasons we've listed to vote against the bill. The more wealth that is concentrated in the hands of the few, the greater their influence. We have already lost the notion of one person--one vote. This bill would be very damaging to our Democracy. We must, and will fight this assault!

So, here are some very good reasons for Senators to vote against this terrible, horrible, no good, very bad Tax Scam bill...mix and match:

  • It significantly raises the already high Federal deficit to pay for tax breaks for corporations and the wealthiest among us. Increased revenue from tax cuts stimulated by economic growth has NEVER off-set the loss to the treasury. That’s called gambling with our future!

  • The anticipated growth it counts on is largely a sham. The business community has already stated that investment in jobs would be low (unless perhaps you are a robot or a self-driving car). What a betrayal of hard-working Americans!

  • That is but one way, that this bill would harm the poorest Americans. The bill further adds insult to injury by having their tax obligation increase, so the jet-setters can, well…buy a new jet!

  • The Middle Class would soon be paying for permanent tax break for Corporations and the rich. That should go over well once they figure it out.

  • Medicaid, Medicare (read-sick and elderly) funding will be raided to pay for tax windfalls to the business and donor class.

  • Repealing the Estate Tax is an obscene consideration. It would benefit so few, so greatly, while financially harming the vast majority of Americans in the long-term. We know whose families it will help—mine is not among those it would help—is theirs? If so, their heirs will still be better off without the repeal than…almost everyone!

  • We should be uncovering and punishing those who have been illegally using tax havens—not rewarding them! Don’t declare a tax holiday…pass legislation that punishes those Americans who park huge profits in overseas tax havens to avoid paying their fair share for the benefits they accrue from their American citizenship. Instead, this tax legislation would punish everyday Americans by giving those who were unpatriotic enough to use these shelters a—practically—free pass!

  • Future lawmakers will use the increased deficit (many Republicans already do this) as an excuse to cut vital services (e.g., Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security) and important protections (e.g., consumer and environmental), again harming most Americans.

  • This tax bill would repeal the ACA “Individual Mandate,” resulting in increased health insurance premiums, cause many to lose their health care coverage, and significantly reduce the number of Americans with health insurance. It will further hurt those who most need healthcare services, such as the chronically ill and elderly by cutting back deductibility of medical expenses.

  • It punishes those states which believe in taking care of their citizens with tax funded services and protections, by removing local tax deductibility

  • It hurts institutions of higher learning, and would cause numerous graduate students (again, except the very rich) to have to consider dropping out of school. Is this how to make America Great?

  • No hearings have been (or will be) held with outside experts or stakeholders. This is an extremely important bill...would you undergo a drastic, untested surgery for a serious illness without consulting multiple specialists? Why is that approach deemed appropriate for our children and grandchildren's futures?

  • Do they think Plutonomy—government of the rich, by the rich and for the rich—is good for America? I hope not! We have increasingly seen the insertion of big money into the political process, and it is not pretty…nor is it good for Democracy. If they care about American Democracy, urge them to abandon this bill, and seek a process that could lead to genuine tax reform. This current charade is an abomination!

  • Is the Republican Party really this morally bereft? Would they vote for a bill that hurt this many Americans if a Democrat had sponsored it? Will they vote for it just because Republican leadership wants it? If their morality is that shallow, may God have mercy on their soul, and may their voters soon show them the door!

  • Urge them to please, do what is best for America, not what their Party or its donors may construe to be best. Vote against this monstrosity of a Tax Scam.

If you call and get to speak with a staffer, consider asking them if they have children, and explain why this bill would be bad for their future (even if they're billionaires), assuming they want them to grow up into a Democracy! RESIST!!!

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