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Bernie Inspires Hundreds in Reading to Keep Fighting Trump's Tax Scam!

To thunderous applause and cheers, Vermont Senator, Bernie Sanders, brought his message of hope, economic fairness, and American unity to a full house at the Santander Performing Arts Center in Reading this afternoon. Bernie underscored the unfairness of a Senate Republican legislative process that produced a rushed, middle of the night vote on a tax bill that had no hearings, and would raise the deficit by 1.4 trillion dollars over 10 order to give massive tax breaks to corporations and the donor class. Meanwhile, there is "not enough money," per some Republicans, to renew the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP), which expired over a month ago, despite it being a successful program serving over nine million children! How can we think tax cuts for the rich make sense, Bernie pointed out, when three American Families have as much wealth as the bottom 50% of all Americans? This can only make sense if the donor class (e.g., Koch brothers, et. al) are pulling the strings to make their Republican puppets dance. This drift toward Oligarchy should be both frightening and motivating to us all!

There will presumable be a conference committee to hammer out a single piece of legislation from the two versions of tax scams passed solely by Republican votes in both the House and the Senate. Bernie stressed that it is of utmost importance that those who think it is important to keep such programs as Social Security and Medicare intact, make their voices heard loudly and persistently, as these and other critical programs will immediately be under attack if this impending compromise bill is passed by both chambers! Senator Sanders spoke of the intentional misinformation being promulgated by Republicans and the conservative press to suggest that increased economic activity will back-fill the gaping hole they will create with their giveaway to the corporations and the one percent...Trickle Down Economics has never worked, and is even less likely to work than it was in the past! The importance of healthcare...Medicare...for all, a genuine investment in high quality education for all, and a significant investment in repairing our crumbling infrastructure were stressed as essential needs for America by Senator Sanders. He expressed understanding of how many of those who voted for Trump for President were rightly motivated by similar goals, but misled by the bate-and-switch lies we have all witnessed from the occupant of the oval office! Bernie calls on us to connect with others around these commonalities, in order to stop the tax scam, and to build a truly progressive agenda in America.

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