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Multiple Priorities Share the Stage as HBG Tuesdays with Toomey calls for Action!

Harrisburg Tuesday with Toomey group joined in solidarity with the Dreamers, in calling on Toomey and our Representatives for a "Clean Dream Act." It's time to end the fear and uncertainty for these 800,000 young Americans caught in legislative limbo! Free bus transportation to Washington DC is available tomorrow to join thousands in demanding a clean Dreamers Act (DACA). If you can go, register here:

The ever increasing importance of defending our Federal Judiciary was underscored today as well, as unqualified, ideologically motivated life time appointments to the Federal Bench are being made at a record pace. We must call on Senators to do their jobs to assure that appointments are based on qualifications and a record of fair jurisprudence--not conservative ideology! The horrific Trump TAX Scam has passed both the House and the Senate, and now is in conference committee. Because of the haste with with Republican Senators pushed their version to a vote, the conference committee has a bigger job than would otherwise be the case -- So, we still have a shot at stopping this train wreck by continuing to hammer on Republican Senators for raising the deficit, and focusing on your own, and vulnerable Republican Representatives...especially in California and New York. Let them know they work for us, not the Oligarchs! But time is short--we must pull out all the stops. TAKE ACTION ON THE TAX BILL NOW: CLICK HERE. Reminders we given to everyone to not let down our guard on Net Neutrality...More on that later!

On Monday, Lancaster Stands Up hosted a rally in front of Senator Bob Casey's Harrisburg office, while Lancaster Dreamers met with his legislative director. Dreamers and allies are calling for a Clean DACA bill that is not tied to a border wall, provides access to education and driver licenses, and does not rely on any quid pro quo, such as enhanced border security or a border wall.

Photos from Monday's action at Senator Casey's office and Tuesdays with Toomey in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

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