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Photos | Responding to Threats to Our Freedoms at State and Federal Levels!

From defending Net Neutrality and fighting the Trump Tax Scam, to demanding an end to graft in State Government, as exemplified by Rep. Daryl Metcalfe's homophobic and unscrupulous use of authority for personal and political gain, to defending women's reproductive rights, currently under attack by a Republican led effort to pass one of the Country's most regressive and repressive anti-abortion bills (SB3), Harrisburg Tuesdays with Toomey took it all on today! Take action, and click through the pictures below for a taste of political actions in Central Pennsylvania today!

The need remains urgent to continue calling U.S. Senators and Representatives to stop the Tax Scam . Also, the FCC votes on Net Neutrality on Thursday, Dec. 14, 2017. Be sure to call and/or file with the FCC to restore internet freedom Be sure to call your PA State Representative to register outrage at the irresponsible procedure of trying to ram SB3 ( through to a vote with out any hearings or testimony from the women and physicians whose lives this bill could endanger! While you're on the phone with your State Representative, be sure to tell them that you don't think homophobes and bigots should be deciding which legislation comes to the floor for a vote! A gallery of photos from today's actions is below:

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