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The Young are Leading the Way to Gun Safety...It's Time to Follow Their Lead!

It's their future...and the young are leading! It is time we followed their lead. Thoughts and prayers have not led to thoughtful action. It's way past time to see some action toward reducing gun violence and improving our safety by addressing the easy availability of guns, improving background checks, more careful monitoring, and the banning of military style weapons for civilian use! Today, we heard compelling arguments from young people at the Tuesdays with(out) Toomey Rally outside the Federal Building in Harrisburg. We must amplify their voices so even Senator Toomey, Representatives Perry, Barletta, Marino, Costello, Smucker, Shuster, Fitzpatrick, and our elected officials in the General Assembly, recognize that we speak louder than the blood money they take from the NRA! Let them hear from you, and plan to march in solidarity with young people in "March for our Lives" events on March 24th. Information about the main March in Washington, DC, as well as sister marches in Central Pennsylvania can be found here:

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