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America's Youth Aren't Kidding: "March for Our Lives" Demands Sane Gun Laws!

Young people are stepping up as the Country's moral compass to stand against gun violence, declaring "enough is enough!" Today's "March for Our Lives" brought out hundreds of thousands in Pennsylvania, and across the Country, to demand an end to the antiquated and inadequate gun laws that threaten us all. Nationwide, young people, lead by a cadre of energized, articulate and focused student survivors of the mass shooting at Margory Stoneman Douglas High School, inspired and admonished marchers to demand sanity in the nations gun laws. These young people are not kidding around...they are getting ready to vote...and they are not going away! Unlike so many of our elected officials, they are not scared of the NRA. It's time our law makers are held accountable to the Peoples' Will, something that this generation of new voters and their allies will make known at the ballot box! Pictures below are from the Philadelphia "March for Our Lives."

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