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Central PA Joins others across the US to Support Dr. Ford -- Call for FBI Investigation

With Chants of "No confirmation without investigation," and "Believe Dr. Ford," Central Pennsylvanians gathered outside Senator Toomey's office in Harrisburg Friday. Multiple individuals made spontaneous speeches condemning the shameful process of the Senate Judicial Committee of attempting to ram through a shockingly belligerent Brett Kavanaugh, to a position on the U.S. Supreme Court. Noting the unwillingness of the Judicial Committee Chairman, Senator Grassley and other majority members to allow corroborative witness testimony, and refusal to permit even a routine FBI investigation into the credible allegations of past sexual assault by President Trump's nominee, those in attendance voiced concern for the future of our Democracy. Senator Toomey was also called out for his premature decision to vote to confirm Judge Kavanaugh, made prior to a fair and impartial investigation or appropriate witness testimony. Ultimately, Senator Flake's conditions placed on an otherwise lock-step majority vote, have slowed the rabid effort of the Senate majority to elevate Mr. Kavanaugh to a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court post haste. A limited FBI investigation will now occur prior to a vote by the full Senate. Keep telling your Senators what you think of the process and what you think of Brett Kavanaugh!

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