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Photos | Tuesdays with Toomey Harrisburg tells Toomey not to be NRA's puppet -- Don't suppor

Crowd urges Senator Toomey to not be NRA's puppet! Constituents should tell Senator Toomey to commit to support critical gun safety legislation; and urge him to vote “NO” on both the “concealed carry reciprocity” bill that would upend existing state gun laws and the “hearing protection act,” which would gut federal regulations for the safe use of firearm silencers. Let’s remind the senator that his past promises to address gun violence mean his work isn’t done! Attendees were also urged to contact their State Senators and Representatives, as sane gun protection is under assault in the PA Legislature as well! HB671 would reduce local control of fire arms protections, and enable organizations such as the NRA to sue any PA municipality that tries to enact common sense provisions designed further protect it's citizens from gun violence. and SB838, if enacted, would allow school boards to approve staff to carry firearms in schools and on school grounds. Urge NO votes on both of these state bills!

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