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Alert -- Vigil at Toomey's Harrisburg Office tonight precedes tomorrow's rally to save our h

A vigil tonight precedes the

Rally Friday morning at 8:30 at 228 Walnut Street and the march to PA Capitol steps (inside Capitol if raining) for a 10:00 a.m. 'fight for our healthcare' rally with Senator Casey. Ongoing tonight, at Senator Toomey's Harrisburg Office a vigil is being held to bring attention to the cruelty of the Senate version of the AHCA released today. Senator Toomey apparently likes to watch slow, lingering deaths! That's what he and his cronies are proposing to do to Medicaid...and by extension hundreds of thousands of Americans...young and old, alike! Don't buy into their sleight of hand! Help people wake up before it's to late to pull this back from the brink! Anyone with a yellow ACCESS card is at many people don't know that their coverage...or that of someone they at risk by this giveaway to the 1% who are amassing America's wealth. The Republicans are not playing around here...they want blood (along with a huge tax break for their high-rolling donors)!!! #Harrisburg is still awake, #SaveOurCare. #VigilForOurLives #RealPa

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