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Thoughts, Prayers, and...Buckets of Rocks??? How to Not Deal with Antiquated Gun Laws!

There is a common denominator in all school shootings. That's right...guns! Today, diminutive "buckets" of Thoughts, Prayers, and Rocks were presented to PA House Leadership, and members of the House Education Committee to underscore the ludicrous solutions to gun violence in schools that are proffered when lawmakers drag their feet on dealing with the real cause of gun violence in our schools and elsewhere. At its March 15th (Beware the Ides of March!) meeting, House Education Committee members heard, apparently sincere testimony, from the Blue Mountain School District Superintendent, who has armed his students with buckets of river rocks in each classroom. The rocks are to be hurled by students, at a would be intruder toting an AR15 or another deadly weapon! It may be a step up from former Senator Santorum's recent recommendation for students to learn CPR in order to care for their dying classmates in the event of a school shooting, but can't we do better than this? Tell your legislators that there is no good reason that military style weapons should be owned and used by civilians, and that strict, coordinated background checks are a must for gun purchases. All reasonable efforts to assure the safety of Pennsylvania's students should be taken, but please, let's look beyond reactive solutions, and start taking proactive measures of all types...including taking serious action to improve our out-dated gun laws!

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