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Photos | Are You Listening Senator Toomey? ...Show Us the Bill!

At Tuesdays with Toomey in Harrisburg, citizens demanded transparency, as Toomey gathered in secrecy with the unholy band of thirteen in Washington to craft the Senate version of the ACHA. Dubbed "The Stealth Care Bill" by some, millions will face watered down coverage and higher premiums...that is, if they can afford healthcare at all! Millions stand to loose Medicaid, in large part due to the paring knife--or is that butcher's knife--that Senator Toomey is taking to the Medicaid program. Rather than engaging the American people in this vitally important issue, Toomey and the Republican Senate continue to cast about in darkness of their own making with plans to force a vote with negligible opportunity for input or debate some time next week. It is imperative that anyone caring about this Nation's health, continue to let their voices be heard! Call, email, or better yet make a visit to his offices. PHONE: 717-782-3951 (HBG), 202-224-4254 (DC); Email: Don't delay...get it done today! More photos....

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