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PA Congressman Perry targets Puerto Rican survivors | Take action now!

A day after meeting with President Trump in Harrisburg, Congressman Scott Perry (R, 4th District) jumped at an opportunity to spread doubt nationally on CNN about the suffering of millions of Americans in Puerto Rico. We can only thank Rep. Perry for bringing the spotlight back to this issue, which has been largely overshadowed by manufactured outrage over professional football players practicing their first amendment rights to shed light about racial inequality in the world's richest economy. We're standing by for Perry to make the argument that at least they treat all non-white people equally (thinking of you, Katrina victims). Meanwhile, the GOP is trying to pass a trillion-dollar tax cut for the rich.

>>> Take action in a few clicks and urge public officials to help Puerto Rico now!


>>> Latest FEMA data here: >>> Donate to an accredited organization in Puerto Rico: Save the Children

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