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We Are Down But Not Out: GOP Rams Tax Scam Through But Sets Up Conditions For 2018 Democratic Electo

In Central Pennsylvania, Washington, DC, and across the Country, many thousands have put their effort, time, money--and at times, their bodies--on the line in an effort to prevent the destructive GOP Tax Scam from afflicting our Country. Despite these efforts, today, with near unanimous votes among Congressional Republicans, this trillion dollar transfer of wealth to America's richest individuals and Corporations was sent to the President's desk. All U.S. Representatives from Central PA, and Pennsylvania Senator, "Plutocrat Pat" Toomey, voted to pad the pockets of the wealthy, and set the stage for the unraveling of the American "Safety Net." Just a few days ago, the Tax Scam bill's fate was uncertain, but "the corker" seemed to be the addition of the #CorkerKickback, the special windfall to Trump, Corker and several other Senators, that apparently convinced Senator Bob Corker that voting to add one and a half trillion dollars was better than "not allowing one cent to be added to the deficit." Senator Rubio's vote, it seems, was bought for a mere $300 child tax credit; and Senator Murkowski's, for permission to befoul the Alaskan Wildlife Refuge. Senator Flake apparently felt Ady Barkan's plea for his life and the wellbeing of his family (see photos below), was of less import than unity among thieves and pillagers. And, Senator Collins's vote went for a "promise" from paragon of virtue and honesty, Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell. Such is the state of ethical conduct among the "most honorable" of Senate Republicans!

For those of you who have given so much to protect others from the ill effects of this pending legislation--THANK YOU! Today's vote is a huge disappointment, but take courage from recent elections in Alabama, Virginia and elsewhere. We must not allow the demonstrably moral bankruptcy of the GOP to determine the narrative as the fallout from this vote unfolds. At every turn, we must shine a flood light on every brick they try to take out of the foundation of the American safety net (and from that of our Democracy). Remind everyone that the things to come will not be happening "by accident"...just as future elections will not be won by accident; they will require our determination, hard work and commitment. Let this vote be yet another "nail in the coffin" of the GOP's future! Pictures below are from 12/18/17 "Die-in" action against the Tax Scam in Washington, DC:

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