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Arming Teachers with Guns will not make kids safer experts tell Legislators! Will they Listen?

There was a clear message from experts testifying before the PA House Education Committee today: Don't arm teachers with guns! House Committee members heard from representatives of State-wide associations of teachers, principals, superintendents, as well as from PEMA, Dept. of Education, and the PA State Police. Recommendations for making schools safer were wide ranging, and it was made clear that there must be adequate resources and funding to implement any new upgrades to school buildings, processes, and procedures legislated to improve safety for students across the Commonwealth. It was consistently asserted that arming teachers with guns will NOT make our kids safer! Senate Bill 383, passed by the senate, and now referred to the PA House of Representatives for consideration, was referenced as a harmful bill, which would be implicitly dangerous by increasing opportunities even for accidental shooting injuries and deaths. We need fewer--not more--guns in our schools! Tell your Representative to oppose SB 383 (and subsequent House versions), and stay alert for any further movement on this proposed legislation.

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