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Flood Patriot News with Letters to Editor Telling Barletta he SHOULD be "Defensive after Trump

The July 22nd issue of the Sunday Patriot News featured a half-page article on page two, "Barletta on defensive after Trump firestorm." Barletta has again supported White House spin, this time in response to Trump's refusal to counter Putin's claims of innocence regarding Russia's attacks on our Democracy. Instead, Mr. Barletta blamed Democrats for "trying to find that one drop of blood in the water so they can focus on their favorite subject."

Barletta tries to have it both ways, adding that, though he has refused to overtly criticize Putin, he will "continue to do everything I can" to prevent future Russian meddling. Here's a man who aspires to be one of Pennsylvania's two Senators, yet he apparently doesn't think there's much that can...or needs--t0 be done to protect us from Trump or Putin! Meanwhile, Mr. Barletta looks forward to the support of America's Sycophant-in-Chief, Mike Pence, at a campaign event in Philadelphia tomorrow.

Take a look at the article and tell Lou Barletta, and Patriot News readers why Mr. Barletta deserves to be and should remain "on the defensive" for misleading Pennsylvanian's and endangering our Democracy!

Lou Barletta's Senate Campaign: (

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