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ACTION ALERT | Do Not Underestimate How Damaging this Tax Scam will be to America! We Must Stop It!


Let them know that the American People are not fooled by their Scam, and remind them that their constituents are more important than than Donor Class they seek to pander to --at everyone else's expense.

The Senate Tax Bill is even worse than the House version passed earlier this week. It is a thinly veiled effort to transfer a massive amount of wealth to corporations and the Donor Class, while (ironically for a Republican Tax Bill) increasing the Federal Deficit to the point that, after their donors are fatter and happier, they will gleefully carry out the goal of "starving the beast," and whine that we must kill these social programs "that we just can't afford"--something they'll be practicing with huge Medicaid and Medicare cuts if this bill passes. As Plutocracy strengthens...Democracy weakens. It is not being jaded to suggest that this would be an intentional outcome of those in the Senate who have drafted this bill, and those more nefarious parties outside the Senate proper (e.g., Koch Brothers, et. al.), who inspired—and in fact, demanded—it!

With so many distractions to choose from, and many of us so tired from resistance efforts, Trump's minions in the Senate hope to ram this travesty through before year's end, after which their efforts would have to more closely approximate a bi-partisan effort. WE MUST NOT LET THEM! Make the calls, write the emails, show up at Republican Senators' offices, join organized actions, and do your homework, and explain to friends and family why this is a potential disaster that they can help to prevent.

Explain to well-meaning, but uninformed friends, that providing huge windfalls to corporations and the wealthiest Americans will, as we know from experience, creates wealth for the wealthy, not good paying jobs for everyday Americans! Remind them that Corporations do not, in reality, pay 35% in taxes, but are in fact sitting on piles of cash and record earnings. Where are the jobs that yet more money in their coffers is supposed to bring about? It is not a stretch to believe that what increase in investment we would see from this windfall to corporations, would be in high-tech automation…robots, driverless trucks, etc., things that will not provide lasting and well compensated employment to millions of Americans, but rather, unemployment. The tax cuts for corporations are permanent, but temporary for the middle class. Friends don't let friends be duped by Republican Tax Scams!

Tax reform is too significant a matter to be rammed down the throats of the American People in a partisan bid for donor dollars and a return to the Gilded Age. This bill is a massive transfer of wealth to those least in need of it! Tax “Reform” should be an open, bi-partisan, and citizen involved process…not a partisan effort largely hidden from the light of day!


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